Your Fault?

Road traffic accidents
As we know that over 250,000 accidents and injuries occur on UK roads each year. Drivers of motor vehicles are required by law to have insurance cover.

How do I find out who does my repair?
Having your vehicle repaired by an approved repairer whether it’s your fault or not ensures that the vehicle is repaired to the manufacturers methods and standards using genuine parts supplied directly from the manufacturer which will ensure that the repair is of the best standard possible, it will also help preserve the future value of the vehicle and keep the vehicle within any warranty corrosion that may be applicable to your vehicle.

What to do in the unfortunate event of an accident
1. Try to keep yourself and other parties calm
2. Do not admit liability (even if you believe you are at fault).
3. If anyone is hurt you must call an ambulance and inform the police.
4. Take all the details of all parties involved using the list provided.
5. Take some photographs on your mobile phone or make a sketch of the scene and note the weather conditions.

Non Fault
If you are the driver or passenger, who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, you will be entitled to make a claim for your uninsured losses from the responsible driver’s insurance policy.

Following an accident that is not your fault you are legally entitled to have your vehicle reinstated to the same pre-accident condition at the liable drivers insurers cost. Therefore you can specify the expertise and warranty of  repairer like E A Coachworks.

In addition to the above it may also be possible for us to supply a like for like replacement vehicle whilst your vehicle is with us, the costs of the vehicle hire can also be claimed from the at fault driver insurance company. The supply of such replacement vehicle will come from an accident management company who may require admittance of liability before the replacement vehicle is delivered to you.

How We can Help You?

* Liaise with your insurance company to gain authorisation
* Use only genuine manufacturer supplied parts
* Repair your vehicle to manufacturers standards using their suggested repair methods
* Contact you regularly to advise on the progress of your repair
* Collection and delivery service if required
* Where possible supply a like for like replacement vehicle if the accident is not your fault
* Supply a class A economical environmentally friendly courtesy vehicle if required (subject to availability)
* Full wash & vacuum